About Brookwater

Brookwater is an Irrigation Consulting and Design firm that works on varied projects such as waterfront parks, sports and entertainment facilities, commercial and industrial projects, residential communities and transportation projects throughout California and the United States.

 Over 25 Years in Business

 State of the Art AutoCad Design

 CalTrans WBE Certified


Brookwater provides expert design with state-of-the-art AutoCad tools.


We provide master planning for even the most complex projects


Detailed auditing and analysis provide critical project information.


From a complete rebuild to minor upgrades, we can help.

Brookwater is a Leader in Irrigation Design & Consulting

Where We've Been

We have completed thousands of projects, with a 100% success rate. Our projects are predominantly in California, but we have worked nationally and internationally with projects ranging from Streetscapes, Waterfront Parks, Sports & Entertainment Facilities, Commercial, and Industrial Projects.

Where We Are

With nearly a century of design experience between the two founders alone, we continually strive to improve in every facet of competence, capability, and efficiency.

Where We're Going

We continue to approach all projects with a water management philosophy as an element of design. We surpass water conservation standards while ensuring that the landscape planting receives proper irrigation needed to sustain life and beauty, in order to achieve and maintain its initial creative inspiration.